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Bearing composition

The bearing comprises the following components

Bagues intérieure et extérieure Spacer
two rings (steel) featuring raceways (surface on which the rolling bodies "roll")
Puce carre jaune the inner ring
Puce carre jaune the outer ring

Corps roulants Spacer
rolling bodies (usually made of steel) allow the two rings to move with minimum friction

Cages 1 et 2 Spacer
a cage to separate and guide the rolling bodies (made of polyamide, steel sheet, bronze or resin)

Lubrification Spacer
lubrication (grease or oil) to reduce friction. This ensures optimum operation and maximum bearing service life.

etanche Spacer
protection (steel baffle or seal) creating a seal such that the active parts of the bearing (rolling bodies, raceways and cage) always remain impeccably clean and well lubricated.

Some definitions

Puce bleuThe housing is the area into which the outer bearing ring is inserted.
Puce bleuThe shaft is the part inserted into the inner ring..
Puce bleuThe pitch circle diameter is the fictitious diameter passing through the centre of the rolling body.