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Single-row radial contact ball bearings

The SNR single-row radial contact ball bearing range is suitable for the most diversified applications. Designed essentially to sustain moderate radial loads, these bearings, which are the most commonly used, also sustain moderate axial loads in all directions. They are particularly suitable for applications with high rotating speeds and when energy loss limitation is sought.

Roulement 1B Radial joint Spacer Technical data:
Puce fleche jaune Standard steel sheet, or solid cages, or polyamide cages (with 25% glass fibre fill)
Puce fleche jaune Nitrile Seal or baffle
Puce fleche jaune Normal or increased clearance (C3). Other clearance categories are available on request.

Applications: Electrical motors, household appliances, trailer wheels.
Series: 600, 6000, 6200, 6300, 6400, 1600

Thin-section ball bearings (ISO series)

In certain mechanical systems under low load rating, the ball bearing determined by the shaft diameter can be oversized in terms of load capacity. Bearing over sizing can introduce a weight and footprint penalty in the mechanical component's design. It is then advisable to resort to thin-section ball bearings.

These are rigid bearings, with a deep throat and no filling notch, capable of sustaining axial loads in both directions. Thanks to these properties, they are amongst the most economical and the most widely used bearings. They are essentially distinguished form the conventional series (16000, 6000, etc.) by their thin section and extremely low weight. Series 61800 are now available with sealings.

Series: 61800, 61900
NOTE: Series 62800 and 63800 are proposed in complement to our range. Their diameters and internal design are identical to the corresponding types in Series 61800. The ring widths match those of Series 2000 and 3000 as per DIN 616 standard.

Increased width series

For high stress loading applications, SNR has designed a series of radial contact ball bearings featuring increased width. Fitted with a riveted steel cage and a dual, floating lip copper-asbestos seal, increased width bearings have an improved service life thanks to better pollution protection and more durable lubrication.

1B Série large Spacer With their larger bearing surface in the housing, the 62200, 62300 and 630 series undergo lower material stresses for an equal loading.

The increased width, which also facilitates guiding during fitting, notably for soft material housings (Aluminium, composite, plastic…).

Series: 62200, 62300, 63000