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Special bearings

Innovate with SNR special bearings

Collaboration with the engineers and technicians of our OEM clients’ Design & Engineering Offices must be effective at all levels. Therefore SNR devotes significant human resources and equipment through its Special Products Division, which groups all actors involved in the special industrial product development and manufacturing processes.

SNR special bearings
Spacer Each development and each specific project is a good occasion for our clients and in-house experts to innovate by making the mechanical rotation function more efficient and economical.

Jointly with you, we are pushing the limits and constraints of the design and efficiency of your machines by combining suitable steels, new shapes, high performance contacts and tailored seals and lubrication modes.

SNR special bearings find applications in all industrial sectors. Many firms have improved the performance of their products in highly demanding applications such as rail, aerospace, handling, farming and civil works machines, robotics, textiles…

Our organisation is built to reliably and confidently steer your projects at your own pace.
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Applications examples:
Chose a bearing type from the menu to display a few application examples illustrating the various solutions which enabled our design engineers to efficiently meet the diversified objectives assigned by our clients.…

SNR's design engineers comply with all specifications in order to achieve various objectives permitting assembly automation and simplification, saving workshop room, reducing the number of components, reducing the manufacturing and maintenance costs, increasing the rotating speeds…