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Special single-row radial contact ball bearings

Stretching clamp for film stretching machines

Rlt spé 6202 100 Spacer Client's objectives:
Puce fleche jaune Increasing the stretching rate.
Puce fleche jaune

Avoiding lubricant projections on the film.

Puce fleche jaune Operation at 200°C.
Puce fleche jaune Increased service life.

SNR-specific development:
Puce fleche jaune Thick outer ring.
Puce fleche jaune Low torque bearing.
Puce fleche jaune

Special design seals.

Puce fleche jaune Special grease, compatible with rail temperature and oil.
Puce fleche jaune Optimized lifetime.

Other possible applications: Transport, Farming machines, Textile, Handling, Lifting, Reduction gears, Rail, Agrifood, Machine-tools, Turbine pumps, Chemical industry, Cam rollers and conveyer rollers.