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Special cylindrical roller bearings

Power transmission for TGV high-speed train

rlt-spé-transmission-TGV Spacer Client's objectives:
Puce fleche jaune Very high operating speed.
Puce fleche jaune Resisting vibrations.
Puce fleche jaune Very high reliability level.

SNR-specific development:
Puce fleche jaune Selecting best steels, core hardened, degassed under vacuum and of very high inclusion cleanliness.
Puce fleche jaune Monolithic steel or copper alloy cage, with no disassembly risk and favouring lubrication.
Puce fleche jaune Very low friction torque.

Other possible applications: Transport, Farming machines, Iron & Steel, Printing, Civil works, Rail, Textile, Agrifood, Reduction gears, Conveyers