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Standard range

An extensive bearings range, with precise solutions

NTN-SNR proposes an extensive, competitive standard bearing range including all main ball and roller bearing families, as well as the ULTAGE bearings, of optimised design, and highly technical bearings tailored to your trade (TOPLINEMachLine).


pelemele rlts standards 2 Spacer Thanks to its extensiveness, our range covers the most diversified industrial applications and allows every need to be met.  Besides, the latest technological breakthroughs and research works conducted by NTN-SNR allow us to propose top quality bearings, notably providing higher service life and load capacity.

NTN-SNR also proposes bearing components and accessories, available separately, enabling you to carry out your own assemblies. Firstly ensure that your components, intended to accommodate the bearing elements, share the same characteristics (quality, bearing raceway precision, hardness…) as those of the bearing delivered complete.