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Tapered roller bearings

Conique 1 Rangée Spacer Tapered roller bearings are angular contact bearings comprised of separate components (cones and cups), facilitating installation. By design they are suitable for combined loading. They can sustain very high loads (axial load in one direction) and tolerate slight misalignment.

Always fitted oppositely with a bearing of the same nature, they provide high assembly stiffness, particularly when pre-loaded. Their load capacity associated with their versatility makes them the second most commonly used items, after radial-contact ball bearings.

SNR proposes tapered roller bearings in metric or inches dimensions.

Technical data:
Puce fleche jaune Stamped sheet or synthetic cages.
Puce fleche jaune Open bearings.
Puce fleche jaune Clearance determined by bearing adjustment upon fitting, (i.e. by adjusting the initial relative position of the cones versus the cups). Adjustment determines a mechanical clearance (positive clearance) or a preload (negative clearance).
Puce fleche jaune Suffix B : increased contact angle.

Applications examples: reduction gear shafts, tapered gear angle drives, pumps, compressors, paper mills…
Series :  30200, 30300, 31300, 32000, 32200, 32200B, 32300, 32300B, 33000, 33100, 33200