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MachLine® - High Precision

High precision bearings for machine-tool spindles

Precision, stiffness, high speeds: SNR High Precision bearings meet the most stringent needs.

They also permit machining timesavings as well as maintenance cost savings, and their good load capacity and low heating feature contribute to longer service life.

Technical data:
Universal or matched set bearings.
Very high quality 100 Cr6 steel rings and balls.
Two contact angles: 15° (CV Series) and 25 ° (HV Series).
Three preload levels.
Laminate resin cage centred on the outer ring.

For applications requiring even higher rotating speeds, SNR proposes bearings fitted with ceramic balls, qualified as "hybrids" (CH prefix), on request.

Their specific properties allow increased rotating speeds without over-heating, while improving bearing stiffness and increasing bearing and associated part service life.

For all its series, SNR proposes 2 precision levels ISO4 and ISO2, corresponding to the highest precision tolerances in effect for ball bearings.

Applications examples: Machine-tool spindles (up to 2.2 million N.Dm)
Series: 7000, 7200, 71900

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