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Cylindrical roller bearings

Rouleau Cylindrique Spacer The cylindrical roller Series includes several variants to permit accurate bearing selection and, therefore, improve machine efficiency. SNR's quality and innovation are at the heart of these bearings whose optimised contact between roller and raceway reduces internal loads.

The SNR cylindrical roller bearing range is recommended for high radial load and high rotating speed applications. However axial loads must remain low.

Technical data:
Puce fleche jaune Standard polyamide 6.6 cage with 25% glass fibre fill (operating temperature: 102°C to 150°C at peak).
Puce bleu For Series 4, standard steel sheet cage. Machined brass cage available as an option. 
Puce fleche jaune Large size bearings are fitted with a machined brass cage (M suffix). For special applications preventing the use of synthetic cages, a metallic cage can be provided on request.
Puce fleche jaune Standard sealing. Special seals on request,
Puce fleche jaune Variable clearance depending on the Series (J20 to J50). Axial clearance only defined for bearings of NUP type, and limited by the 4 internal shrouds (to the order of 0.1mm).

Applications examples: Large electrical motors, axle blocks, pressure rolls, rolling mill cylinders or rolls…
N 200, N 300, N 2200, N 2300
NU 200, NU 300,  NU 400, NU 2200, NU 2300
NJ 200, NJ 300, NJ 400, NJ 2200, NJ 2300
NUP 200, NUP 300, NUP 2200, NUP 2300