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Experts' analysis of bearings

If your bearing is damaged or operates incorrectly, it is essential to determine the reasons in order to avoid fault recurrence in the short term, as the same causes will produce the same effect. Our experts are at your disposal to analyse the incriminated bearing.  They can be seconded to your site as required. 

Serv_expertise Spacer On completion of this analysis, a report will be forwarded to you, with explanation of the damaging factors. 

You will also find expert’s advice to bring remedy to premature failure of your bearings (lubrication, fit, environment…).

The analysis process

Special precautions must be taken for this expert’s analysis.

In case of premature bearing damage, the bearing state will provide significant information. Therefore, send the bearing to SNR Annecy without cleaning it, and mandatorily accompanied with analysis request sheet, duly filled (available from your SNR contact or distributor). Please provide maximum information concerning bearing operation and environment.

SNR  experts ensure on-site presence, everywhere in the world.  Their interventions are quick and well targeted to help our clients solve potential or actual problems.