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SNR logistics : proximity and availability

Logistique 150 Spacer SNR has long since initiated in-depth actions to optimise flow, shorten delivery times and provide its clients and distributors with the right products in best possible conditions.

Our logistics departments take part in SNR’s service performance and total quality. With the intensified international exchanges, logistics has become a true added value service. SNR has comprehended this process and initiated, for many years, a major reorganisation aimed at rationalising all product flows from its purchase order to its final delivery.

Our logistics is now organised from a European Distribution Centre (EDC) in charge of preparing all deliveries and making them available on loading dock. Once the EDC activity is stabilised, the reliability of our logistic services will achieve outstanding results. For example, product availability should reach 95% whereas service rate could obtain near perfection (98%). The error rate should be brought down to 5 errors out of 10,000 prepared order lines, that is to say a figure well inferior to the rate currently observed in industry. 

Whatever the needs, SNR has equipped its logistics department with suitable means to satisfy them with the utmost efficiency, from the overnight parcel to wide range export, throughout the world.