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"Better safe than sorry", this is our current maintenance policy. Its evolution history was dictated by strong market requirements (quality improvement, production facilities & means optimisation, servicing and repair costs savings…).

It has become vital to correctly identify, early in the process the "maintenance policy" to be initiated, often based on the machine requirements (corrective or curative maintenance, preventive maintenance, on-condition maintenance).

To help you develop a maintenance policy to match your facilities, SNR contributes to the know-how of its design engineers and also resorts to specialised outsources, in order to implement vibration analysis technologies to be applied to rotating machine on-condition maintenance.

This taskforce enables us to address highly diversified industrial activity sectors: automotive, Iron & Steel, paper mills, agrifood or oil chemistry, energy production, cement plants, sugar mills, quarries… To encompass this diversity, an extensive range of solutions is proposed, from supplying products which are simple to analyse, to the implementation of tailor-made maintenance methodologies. Maintenance tasks can be either of 1-off type or integrated in the scope of framework agreements, based upon performance enhancement.

To efficiently meet these new expectations in terms of maintenance, SNR has developed product and service programmes which provide effective answers in all cases and conditions. SNR relies on its distributors network, close to you, and grounds its "maintenance services" expertise upon the same roots as its manufacturer's policy: flexibility, responsiveness and proximity. We want to closely listen to our clients, as we listen to our bearings.