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Product Series for Special Environments

NTN Responds to New Requirements with Its Own Unique Environmental Technology.


At NTN we have developed a bearing technology for ultra-high vacuum environments that employ solid lubricants. Meanwhile, with the development of process technology (as exemplified by semiconductor manufacturing in recent years), a need has arisen for vacuum environments that are not only durable, but also clean and corrosion resistant. In response to these requirements, we at NTN have developed new bearings especially suited for corrosive environments - as well as bearings for vacuums and ultra-clean bearings - and are working to consolidate our product line-up to enable us to respond competently to special or complex environments.

 vis_billes_ntn Ball Screws for Special Environments

  • All the parts, except the dustproof seal, are made of stainless steel.
  • Depending on the environment and operating conditions, the grease for the vacuum is enclosed or the surface treatment (the special PTFE coating or the Ag-ion-plating coating treatment) is processed.
  • The products can be used in the environment of low dust generation, in both clean air and vacuum, by processing the special PTFE coating treatment.
 vis_écrou_plastique_ntn Plastic Sliding Screws

  • These models can handle a wide range of environments, with corrosion and heat resistance, by combining the Bearee Pl5010 nut with a stainless (SUS304) screw shaft.
  • Lower noise than stainless ball screws.
  • Higher screw effectiveness is obtained using a low-friction plastic nut. 
 roulements_céramique_ntn Ceramics Bearings

  • These bearings are for ultra-high temperature, low magnetization, and high surface pressure requirements, which cannot be handled even with bearings for general vacuum, clean environments or corrosive environments.
 roulements_plastique_ntn Plastic Bearings for Special Environments

  • These bearings employ plastic for the bearing box and ceramics for the ball, and can be used in corrosive environments with developing fluid and steam.
 paliers_lisses_ntn Sliding Bearings for Food Processing Equipment and Pharmaceutical Production Equipment

  • Low frictional coefficient, outstanding wear resistance, and high permissible PV value
  • Sticking and slipping are rare at start up and ultra-low speed.
  • Good compatibility with soft partner materials, in particular soft steel and stainless steel.
  • Outstanding chemical resistance.