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Welcome to the site of NTN-SNR

... the European organisation of the NTN Corp. group.
With its solid commercial, industrial and R&D presence, NTN-SNR is a major force in the European bearings market.

Latest news

NTN-SNR is actively involved in the fight against counterfeiting
NTN-SNR and the large bearing manufacturers have launched a global awareness campaign against counterfeiting to distributors and end-users.
NTN-SNR is launching TechScaN’R, a new smartphone app
NTN-SNR presents TechScaN’R, the smartphone app that makes life easier for engineers and distributors.
NTN-SNR is increasing its industrial capacity in Europe
At the EMO trade show to be held 5 to 10 October 2015 in Milan, NTN-SNR will be announcing an investment in its Mettmann (Germany) plant to produce “high-precision” ULTAGE machine tool bearings for the European market starting in 2017.

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