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Adjustable spanners



cles_a_main_reglable10 spanners for tightening and loosening up to 30 differently sized nuts !


NTN-SNR adjustable spanners enable the safe and effortless tightening and loosening of all KM, KML and KMK type nuts and also B, TB, BR and TBR precision nuts. They avoid any damage to the nuts or the shaft.
Available in two versions: with pins and with hook.


Ref. :   • With pin : Tool PS (taille) / Pin Spanner 
            • With hook : Tool HS (taille) / Hook Spanner

 logo_pdf  Technical data              

 logo_pdf Precision nut cross reference / spanners





  • Made of special tempered steel, these spaners are extremely strong
  • The joint with its spring washer guarantees gentle reliable operation
  • The laser-etched imprint makes them easily and permanently identifiable
  • The hole in the handle makes them easy to store
  • They are adaptable to cover nut diameters from 15 to 180 mm




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