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Hydraulic nuts


 Precise, effortless mounting of your large bearings with a tool that is always ready for use


Beyond a certain shaft diameter, the mounting or dismounting of a bearing on tapered seatings requires hydraulic assistance.
A hydraulic nut ensures perfect control of the adjustment of the assembly while limiting the use of manual force and reducing the time taken for the operation.


Ref. : TOOL HMV (size) EBF / Hydraulic nut

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Besides the hydraulic principle, the “back and forth” design provides unique ease of operation with the automatic return of the thrust plate to the original position (patented NTN-SNR design).



  • Wide range of sizes: for shafts from 50 mm to 100 mm in diameter
  • Special sizes on request
  • Set of spare piston seals supplied as standard
  • The hydraulic nut is equipped with:
    • Two hydraulic connection points, with spot facing for perfect sealing
    • One quick coupling connection (male) which can be positioned on the front face or on the outside diameter, depending on the ease of access. The 1500 bar pressure provides maximum safety with a locking stop
    • One 1500 bar ball valve  
  • The surface treatment of the nuts provides excellent protection against corrosion and ensures a long working life
  • Easier handling and nut screwing due to:
    • the knurling of the outer surface (all sizes)
    • a bar being supplied and the provision of several holes on the outer diameter (for sizes HMV 50 EBF and above).
  • Easy handling with eye bolts for nuts HMV 60 EBF and upwards supplied



The right questions to ask yourself when selecting a hydraulic nut:
  • If it involves mounting onto a shaft with a tapered contact surface: What are the shaft's diameters and thread pitches?
  • If mounting onto a sleeve: does it involve an adapter or withdrawal sleeve? Note: for a single cylindrical shaft diameter, the adapter and withdrawal sleeves have different diameters and thread pitches.

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