Emilie Goury - Marketing Manager

Emilie Goury

‘I joined NTN -NR in 2004 as a sales assistant in the Automotive Aftermarket department in Germany. After two years as an international work-experience volunteer, the marketing function was created. Today, I am the Marketing Manager for Germany, an innovative and culturally-dynamic country in which I have always wanted to live. My line of work chiefly attracts men - particularly in the case of our distributor clients. I believe that it is vital to prove yourself from the outset. It is true that you sometimes feel that you have to do more to convince yourself as well as others. In a technical field such as the automotive and industry aftermarket, women have a legitimate role to play and should focus more on their expertise and professional conduct. Working in a man’s world has certain advantages for a woman and some disadvantages: it is a question of finding the right solution!’