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Why not take advantage of the many innovations and options of our 2nd generation linear guides?


For many years our Linear Motion engineering team have been working on the design of our products, helping them best meet the requirements of our customers. 


  • reliability: strict adherence to the high quality requirements of NTN-SNR production
  • innovation: using innovative solutions validated after numerous long-term tests


  • equivalence: dimensions in accordance with standard DIN 645.
  • dimensions: checked by our experienced application engineers
  • easy installation: thanks to NTN-SNR technology and our infinitely extendable rails

Cost reduction:

  • ONE Rail: the modular structure of our linear guides allows one type of rail to be used for all versions of carriages, significantly lowering the storage costs
  • maintenance: improving the maintenance cycle of our linear guides with ball and cage assemblies helps reduce operating costs

The linear guides are available in different versions in accordance with DIN 645, in standard and miniature versions, with or without our ball and cage assembly.

LGBC and LGBX standard linear guides, size 15-55mm

  • one-piece rails of up to 4M
  • infinitely extendable or endless, modular rails
  • numerous sealing and lubrication options
  • large choice of accessories: protective strip, protection bellows, lubrication connections, clamping elements, etc.

NTN-SNR technology means that our infinitely extendable, modular rails allow the construction of very long assemblies, also giving the ability to extend existing systems. All this whilst avoiding installation errors.

LGMC and LGMX miniature linear guides, size 07-15mm

  • one-piece rails of up to 2M
  • narrow or wide version rails 
  • compact construction
  • corrosion-resistant materials

Our technical expertise is based on experience gained over many years.

Our Linear Guides are used in the field of general and specific mechanical engineering:

  • machine tools
  • automated assembly and production lines
  • packaging machines
  • presses
  • aerospace assembly
  • timber industry 
  • semiconductor industry
  • health technologies 
  • etc.

Take a look at the entire range of NTN-SNR linear guides     Download the BROCHURE 


Take a look at our range of linear axis, ball screws, ball bushings and splined shafts.


Our ball and cage assembly technology is an example for the industry. 

  • Separation of rolling elements ensures great smoothness of operation, low noise levels, and greater travel speed. 
  • Integration of lubrication tanks means our linear guides have a long service life and long maintenance intervals, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.
  • Intelligent re-lubrication on all surfaces by means of lubrication tips ensures maximum flexibility for the end user. 
Ulrich GIMPEL - General Manager Lead Center Linear Motion

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