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Technical assistance



Simplify your maintenance and reduce your costs: 

Get the support of experts for your critical bearing maintenance jobs.

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  • Increase the life duration of your production means whose maintenance is difficult.

  • Reduce costs due to poor maintenance.
    Our experts guarantee a professional performance to replace and maintain your bearings. It brings to you:
    - the assurance your machine will deliver maximum performance
    - reduction of costs linked to a poor bearing mounting or dismounting:
         - replacement cost (parts and labor)
         - production losses
         - overheads (emergency costs, collateral breakdowns...)

  • Save in rationalizing your maintenance tooling investments and your team competences!
    - Some rare but nevertheless sensitive maintenance operations require maintaining specific competences and investing in special tooling. Simpler to implement, the support of an expert equipped with the right tools is often less exepensive than internal resources. For a fraction of this cost, benefit from skilled experts with professional tools suited for your sharp maintenance.


logo_experts_and_tools_petit   provides you with specialists to assist your maintenance operations.


  • Bearing professionals in all applications. Their skills include bearing mounting, dismounting and lubrication. 
  • Rapidly available:  Our experts can be called on request, in emergency cases or to fit into your maintenance planning. 
  • Fitted with tools suited for your operations:  According to the bearing size, we operate with the necessary maintenance tools: mounting, dismounting, cold or hot fitting, mechanical or hydraulic.
  • If you're interested in technical assistance, contact-us!

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 Customer experience


The compagny E, (Water authority, South East of France) calls the NTN-SNR experts each summer to replace the bearings on its water pumps.

"Every year, we proceed to the bearing replacement in our main pumps. It's quite a rare technical job which requires real know-how and maintenance tools we don't possess. Our maintenance team is limited. Its workload leaves us no choice but to call for specialists. Furthermore, they bring their own tools and are rapidly available. With them, I know the pumps will operate with no downtime until next year. All in all, it costs less than doing it ourselves, with peace of mind as well!"


 Customer experience

assistanceThe company X (quarry, North West of France) requested a NTN-SNR expert to replace the bearings of its stone crusher: A sensitive operation on critical equipment for its process.

"The bearing replacement of our crusher is quite difficult and long. With no experience, it’s quite easy to neglect one essential step
in the maintenance procedure which can deeply impact the operation, even dramatically. I both want to get the maximum from the quality bearings I pay for, and to ensure nothing will be undertaken which could harm the crusher.
And who knows? After having witnessed the experts replace these bearings few times, we may eventually be able to do it ourselves, with the same tools!"