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Mines and quarries: how can your maintenance be optimised

10 Nov 2023

A particularly harsh environment Here is what an on-site storage area for rollers and bearings can sometimes look like. Even if they don't all look like that, mines, qua... See more...

The hidden side of needle roller bearings

23 Feb 2022

There are many types of bearings, the most common being ball bearings, or tapered roller bearings, cylindrical or spherical roller bearings. Their design meets specific t... See more...

White Etching Cracks, what is it?

09 Feb 2022

WEC is an unusual failure of the bearing surface characterized by a network of branched white cracks (White Etching Cracks). The material is weakened, specifically by the... See more...

Towed agricultural machinery: bearings developed to withstand harsh environments

02 Feb 2022

There’s an old saying: “no crops without fields, no wheat without manure”. But what is the real nature of this cultivated earth that towed agricultural machines turn, loo... See more...

Counterfeit is an offence, it can become a crime

26 Jan 2022

Bearings are at the heart of industry and, like many mass-produced components, they are continually subject to copying and counterfeiting. For several years now, we have ... See more...

The choice of an online monitoring system for industry

19 Jan 2022

It isn’t easy to choose an online monitoring system. The machine to be monitored is by definition critical; any stoppage thereof will have serious financial consequences,... See more...