The choice of an online monitoring system for industry

Posted by Dr. Ing. F. Guerre-Chaley on 19/01/2022

It isn’t easy to choose an online monitoring system. The machine to be monitored is by definition critical; any stoppage thereof will have serious financial consequences, such as breakage, lost production. The difficulty lies in choosing the right solution for peace of mind and effective monitoring.

In my opinion, this choice is based on 3 basics:

Sensors and measurements that match the machine’s operating conditions

Among other things, precautions must be taken for low speeds, which are not always easy to understand, as well as the number and position of the sensors in relation to the controls to be monitored.

Suitable monitoring done by a specialist

For example, a fault that is propagated very quickly will require a high and continuous monitoring frequency. Variable speeds will require speed measurements in order to carry out order analysis,… The experts who analyse the data must be familiar with the behaviour of your equipment and its components, to properly identify faults and abnormal behaviour, and possibly eliminate the unwarranted alarms that any automatic system can generate.

The machine operator

The machine operator should know the operation perfectly. Dialogue with diagnostics experts to analyse the data will ultimately culminate in a decision: namely, dismantle or not?


For more information, see the “Conditional maintenance” page



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