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Properly dismount bearings mechanically and hydraulically. Optimize your maintenance operations with advice from the experts at NTN.

In addition to mounting and lubrication, follow the advice of our experts on the correct methods and tools to use to dismount your bearings.

What are the benefits of good dismounting?

  • save time
  • longevity of the equipment: reducing the risk of damage to parts (shaft, housing and bearing, in the case of reuse)
  • operator safety: reduced risk of personal injury

Mechanical dismount of bearings is carried out with an extractor. Extraction is required on the tight ring.

The choice of extractor depends on:

  • the diameter: to define the scope, spacing and the force required for extraction
  • the accessibility: external, internal, or special
  • the method of extraction: choice of fulcrum ; from the center line of the shaft or the exterior or using extraction accessories. Extractors equipped with pump and hydraulic cylinder offer your operators a larger extraction force compared to manual method. Setup is simplified due to the self-centring system of the arms.

NTN advises you according to your needs and offers a full range of extractors that are simple to use, robust and safe.

Opt for hydraulic dismounting, for any size bearing, requiring high extraction forces.

2 methods of bearing extraction are available to you:

  • extraction from tapered bearing seats
  • extraction with adaptor or withdrawl sleeve by hydraulic nut

Discover our range of hydraulic nuts for dismounting your bearings.


Note that the hydraulic nut is ideal for quick and effortless dismounting of bearings mounted on adapter or withdrawal sleeves.


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NTN can also advise you on MOUNTING and LUBRICATION of bearings.

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