Every year, NTN offers more than 150 work placement students the opportunity to join the group as part of their school curriculum.

As a work placement student, you are a part of the group and will be involved in different projects.
You can acquire experience through the roles and responsibilities that are entrusted to you, and in this way, you can prepare for your future career.

The size and complexity of the NTN Group's technical environment allows us to offer placements to suit your skills, all year long, in the following fields:

  • design office for products and manufacturing processes, calculation centres,
  • laboratories (chemistry, physics, electrical and automation, metrology, etc.),
  • testing centres: bearings, machines,
  • industrialisation (production, methods, etc.),
  • quality, safety, environment,
  • IT, purchasing, logistics,
  • marketing, communications, sales.

More... consult the activities the group has available.

At the leading edge of research and innovation, with its spearheading development policy, the NTN Group collaborates with numerous scientific and technical research laboratories in many disciplines.

Moreover, every year the group welcomes students working on research dissertations, doctoral theses and placements as part of their finals.

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The NTN group provides a number of technical documents that may be useful to teachers or students: catalogues, CAD NTN drawings, CAD SNR drawings, etc.

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NTN regularly welcomes teachers and their students so that they can discover the world of industry.

If you are a teacher, we suggest that you discover one of our manufacturing sites, by means of a visit put together according to your requirements, in connection with your educational project.


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