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Designer and manufacturer
of precision mechanics

We design precision mechanics
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We develop and manufacture high-precision application solutions and products. Reducing friction is one of our missions. Perfect movement is our obsession. Innovation is at the heart of what we do.

We provide our customers with tomorrow's product, digitalisation and service solutions.










As a world leader in the automotive industry, we develop sustainable solutions to meet tomorrow's mobility challenges, working alongside the world's biggest vehicle manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

As original equipment manufacturers, our aftermarket offer is based on 3 areas of expertise: engine, chassis and transmission. Our NTN and SNR product ranges ensure optimum and prolonged use of the world's vehicle fleet.
In Europe, we equip 9 out of 10 of the best-selling vehicles (wheel bearings, sensors, suspension, constant velocity joints, gearbox bearings, distribution kits and engine accessories

As a pioneer, we are committed to a path of innovation for a better future. With our customers, we are developing new generations of products to equip the vehicles of today and tomorrow. Our technological advances address the challenges posed by electrification, connectivity, autonomy, and subscription in the interest of more efficient, safe and sustainable mobility.





1er mondial du roulement de roue

2ème mondial sur le joint de transmission

2ème de la suspension en europe










As a leading manufacturer of bearings and linear technologies, we put our precision engineering skills to work for over 30 industrial sectors (rail, wind, steel, construction machinery, machine tools, agricultural machinery, robotics, etc.).

From the design to the maintenance of your machines, we work together to achieve the highest levels of performance. While constantly pushing back the boundaries, we place efficiency and sustainability at the heart of our commitments. 

We aim to create a more reliable world, where people work with confidence in an improved environment.






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For 60 years we have been partners with the world's leading aerospace manufacturers. Technicians and engineers are at the heart of the innovation process in the aeronautics industry, cultivating the highest standards of quality and rigour.

From the design to the production of high-performance bearings, we work alongside our partners to develop tailor-made products for their critical applications: engines, helicopters, aircraft, rockets, etc.

Respectful of our environment, we are actively involved in the electrification of air transport and the reconditioning of used bearings. This is our responsible commitment to future generations.






60 ans d'accompagnement clients

21000 roulements réparés par notre service MRO

1er fournisseur de roulements de transmission d'hélicoptère




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