NTN presents Lubsolid, a unique lubrication concept

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LubsolidTM, a solid lubricant technology born in the 90’s, was initially developed for applications in the textile industry where bearings are operating under high-frequency oscillatory mode representing, from far, the most severe service conditions for bearings.
In many other industrial sectors, bearings of various kinds of applications are serviced in similar conditions and regularly NTN receives queries from customers seeking for a relief to the so-called failure mode ‘False Brinelling Effect’ (FEB).
Through batteries of tests in its lab’s and field Return On Experience, NTN has developed LubsolidTM, a unique lubrication concept that tackles FEB effectively with lifetime up to 20 times better than conventional greases.
NTN recommends To all manufacturers of bikes, e-bikes, mopeds and motorcycles, to adopt its solid lubricants solutions, LubsolidTM for the lubrication of bearings from steering columns to swinging arms and generally speaking to any articulations using bearings.
LubsolidTM can ensure durable rigidity, smoothness and accuracy all along the service life of the bikes. This translates for the end-user into higher safety, unimpaired sensations for greater riding experience!


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