Working with NTN is living at the rhythm of the world, within a European group. In our daily tasks we are driven by the need to invent, innovate.

When you join the NTN team, you enter the realm of high technology, with a tremendous range of trades there to be discovered. The success of our projects fully depends on men and women's efficiency and commitment to our Group. To keep this high level of motivation and performance, we attach a lot of importance to career management:

Through training, throughout your professionnal career

5% of our payroll is dedicated to training. Adapted and personalised training cycles are set up to accompany each person throughout his/her career. For new hires or beginners, numerous training courses are scheduled the first years to facilitate integration and develop proficiency.

Through a strong internal mobility policy, providing motivation and performance.

Thanks to the Group size, NTN offers opportunities to access a wide variety of functions and so to multiple careers depending on wishes and opportunities.


A strong commitment to Employees’ Safety.

NTN has embraced a general and conscious approach to safety, backed up by real actions:

Preventive actions

  • Adopt a rigorous behaviour respecting internal rules and instructions,
  • Identify and reduce risks through regular audits,
  • Consider safety and ergonomics in every step of the development process,
  • Comply with statutory requirements related to health, safety and environment,
  • Motivate suppliers to set-up preventive actions as well.

Corrective actions 

Analyse every accident causes and set-up corrective action plans.

Security Tools

  • Organise company security audits regularly,
  • Have each new employee follow a security training. Trainings on fire preventions, first aid (…) are also organised year long.