Linear units for all applications

SNR Linear Axis are compact components which contain
a combination of guiding and driving elements.

The modular design and the ability to combine Linear Axis within a product line as well as various product lines allow the user to design a simple, time-saving and economical solution for linear movements.
The use of high quality components guarantees a high quality and reliability of Linear Axis.

Benefits of our linear units:

  • Customized solutions according the specific customer request.
  • SNR Linear Axis can be nearly arbitrary combined within one series and between different series.
  • The Linear Axis can be connected with different connecting elements, sliding blocks or special fastening strips.
  • Multi axis systems can be equipped with gearboxes, couplings, coupling cones, switches and additional with energy chains.
  • Depending on the task, SNR Linear Axis offer not only flexible driving and guiding systems but also allow adequate freedom for customized solutions.


  • Long strokes with high repeatability
  • Long strokes with high velocity by the optional use of screw drive support units
  • A choice of various pitches
  • Self-locking when using trapezoidal screws
  • High feeding forces
  • High rigidity of the drive element
  • Usually no gearbox necessary


  • High dynamic
  • Great lengths realizable
  • Cost efficient
  • Maintenance free drive element




  • Theoretically unlimited length possible
  • Several drive units possible
  • High feeding forces
  • Highest rigidity of the drive element even with high loads


  • Theoretically unlimited length possible
  • Several drive units possible
  • Highest position accuracy and repeatability
  • Very high velocity and acceleration
  • Maintenance and wear free drive element
  • Very low noise level


  • System Program Axis for highest loads
  • Variants as telescopic, lifting, beam and gantry axis
  • High rigid aluminium profile as base material
  • Steel made as special version possible
  • Standard sizes up to 500 mm profile wide
  • Linear guides as guiding system
  • Toothed belt or rack and pinion as drive element



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