in construction equipment

Optimise productivity and the cost of owning your machines: choose the global benchmark for bearings in construction equipment.

NTN is the leading supplier to global leaders in mobile construction equipment for the mining sector and sectors of earthmoving, construction, and the construction and repair of roads.

NTN bearing solutions are optimised to meet the severe requirements of construction equipment.

One of the largest ranges in the market

Hydraulic excavators, transmissions, road construction and repair equipment, hydraulic pumps and motors, axle bearings for rolling stock: NTN is the global benchmark for mobile construction equipment. 

Robust bearings of premium quality

NTN bearings have a better useful life in reduced spaces under demanding operating conditions, such as high loads, shocks and vibrations.

Optimal reliability 

To guarantee 24/7 operation demanded in the construction industry, the avoidance of machine breakdowns reduces the risk of disruption to your production.

Our teams will advise you and identify the solutions best suited to your applications.


Hydraulic excavators

Caterpillar track final drive: 

Turret rotation (swing drive): ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings

Planetary gears for planetary gearboxes: HWT high-capacity needle roller and cage assemblies 

HWT high-capacity needle roller and cage assemblies achieve a service life of more than twice that of conventional needle roller and cage assemblies, within the space envelope. The optimised design has an increased number of rolling elements thereby increasing the load carrying capacity by 15% to 25%.

Transmission and axle bearings for rolling stock (tilting-carts, loaders, backhoe loaders): 


Construction and road repair equipment:

  • ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings
  • self-aligning bearings (the widest range on the market of standard Asian and European sizes)

Hydraulic pumps and motors:

ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings can also be found in other very demanding uses of road construction equipment, such as steamrollers, vibratory plate compactors, as well as all sifting and crushing/grinding applications.


A customer, a manufacturer of hydraulic pumps, encountered problems with the service life of their system when incorporated in high tonnage mining excavators. The cylindrical roller bearings in the pumps suffered from premature failures at approximately half their expected useful life. It is standard practice to lubricate the bearings with the same low viscosity oil as used throughout the hydraulic system of the excavator. However, in a polluted environment, this type of oil is not recommended for ensuring optimum lubrication of the bearing. The consequence? Significant operating losses for the end-user. 
Our customer turned to NTN and asked us to solve the problem as a matter of urgency. We proposed a proven solution that was available immediately: AS (Austenite Strengthening) heat treatment, which is perfectly suited to this type of difficult condition. The AS treatment can increase the useful life of bearings by up to 9 times when used with degraded lubrication. In addition, it is available on almost all of the NTN product range.

Dirk HORSTKOTTE - Technical Manager NTN

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