Develop an ethical, sustainable and successful business relationship in the long term by becoming a supplier for NTN-SNR.

We develop business relationships with our suppliers to cater for all business needs.


A relationship based on mutual trust

  • long-term relationship that’s also a partnership
  • volumes based on substantial and sustainable annual markets
  • performance support as a result of a clear definition of expectations and objectives, as well as jointly setting areas of improvement

Objective criteria for selecting suppliers and awarding contracts

To satisfy the expectations of the end customer, our supplier panel is built and managed through formalised, joint processes.

The method used for researching, selecting and reviewing the supplier panel is the same one used for all purchasing groups, in order to ensure

  • fair evaluation and choice.
  • desired performance in terms of quality, costs and deadlines.

Responsible and collaborative procurement processes

As a signatory of the Responsible Purchasing Charter, NTN-SNR is piloting a purchasing strategy aimed at building an ethical, sustainable and successful business relationship in the long term.

NTN-SNR purchases have been part of the development of a steering tool for collaborative design with suppliers. The PRAXIS repository is now used by vehicle manufacturers and aims to consult very early on in the process with suppliers on developments designed to integrate their expertise.

NTN-SNR also participated in the Thésame/Peak Group in creating the Peak Collaborative Index, a measure of the quality of the customer-supplier relationship.

NTN-SNR buys all the components used in the manufacture of products, as well as a portion of the means of production, tertiary services, and anything relating to facilities.

Become a supplier for NTN-SNR if your business is involved in:

  • the transformation of steel as a raw material, or technologies related to the following: tubes, bars and rods, strips, forges, roll-outs, press-forming, etc.
  • plastics, elastomers, lubrications, etc.
  • facilities, products and means of production: buildings, machines, spare parts for machines, oil, cutting or abrasive tools, energy, electronics, etc.
  • tertiary services: logistics, transportation, IT, intellectual services, etc.

NTN-SNR rewards its best suppliers at an annual ceremony where the PRO Trophies are presented.  
“The Supplier Awards is an opportunity to celebrate the best suppliers working with NTN SNR EUROPE and to reaffirm what we stand for in collaborative and sustainable relationships”

P. GARNERO, Purchasing Director, NTN-SNR EUROPE

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