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Take a look at our specialist range of railway bearings: profitability, reliability and service at every stage of your project.

We will help you step up a gear. For over 40 years, our experts have been advising you and providing you with the railway bearings most suited to your needs, for original equipment and replacement markets.

Discover our expert answers to each of your projects, and within deadlines!


Innovation: helping your profitability

Incorporating the latest technological advances, our bearings provide the best performance and reliability. The solutions implemented by NTN-SNR are intended to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and the life cycle cost (LCC) for your application.

Choice: a global offer covering all types of train

We have a solution for each of your railway applications (bogies, axles, transmission and traction engines) regardless of the type of train (high-speed, regional, InterCity, trams, metro and freighter). Our products are suitable for global use meeting the standards of every country.


Sustainability: long-term support

Our teams will support you step-by-step on each of your projects. We have the necessary structure to conclude projects in a timely fashion:

  • design and calculation: our calculation department will support you in completing your research and development projects.
  • test rigs: our test laboratory (accredited by COFRAC - "Accreditation n° 1-1247 - Scope available on www.cofrac.fr") certifies each axle bearing in accordance with European standard EN 12082.
  • industrialisation: manufacturing using modern methods and control processes
  • technical assistance: at any time, our SERVICES experts can analyse the reliability of the bearings in your installations.
  • training: our training modules assist designers, installation and maintenance teams to improve and develop their knowledge of bearings.
  • customer support: we will provide personalised support for each of your projects from initial development right through to the final production phase.

Reliability and certification

We make it a point of honour to maintain high standards of quality: we guarantee the reliability and total safety of our railway bearings. NTN-SNR is therefore IRIS certified (International Railway Industry Standard).


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Axle bearings: tapered roller bearings, tapered roller bearing cartridge, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings

  • increased life
  • low maintenance
  • anti-fretting solutions
  • optimized cage design
  • labyrinth or contact seals

Transmission bearings: tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, ball-bearings

  • optimized cage design
  • increased capacity

Traction engine bearings: cylindrical roller bearings, ball-bearings

  • optimized cage design
  • insulated bearings (ceramic or polymer coatings)

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We strive to anticipate the future requirements of our customers in the use of high technology and more specifically, in the field of mechatronics.

Through our intensive research and development programmes we have become a powerful force for innovation in the railway sector:

NTN-SNR played an active role in the 2007 rail speed record. Our experience in the rail industry goes back more than 40 years. Our cylindrical roller bearings are fitted to the axles of both passenger and freight trains. The axle bearing is a safety critical component so it is vital that there are zero defects. In order to ensure this, we test our designs over the equivalent of 600,000 km in our COFRAC certified test centre. During the manufacturing process, we 100% inspect the bearings (dimensional and material using ultrasound and magnet particle inspection) to ensure the full reliability of our products.

The next time you take the train, you’ll know that we are right by your side!


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