Quality commitment

Your safety deserves the bearings that are certified original by NTN, a premium manufacturer engaged in combating counterfeits.


Counterfeiting presents significant risks to the user.
3 reasons to choose original NTN bearings:

  • safety: counterfeit bearings jeopardise safety, and therefore the life of products and people.
  • reliability: counterfeit bearings do not have the expected quality level and are likely to fail, degrade your equipment and shorten its service life.
  • availability: counterfeit bearings can cause breakdowns and a loss of production and profitability.

Counterfeiting has a financial impact on premium industrial manufacturers like NTN, and consequently, investments dedicated to innovation. In addition, counterfeiters sell old technology products.

Buy an original certified NTN EUROPE product, and you will also create and maintain fair employment.


Safety is a core value of NTN.  An active member of the "World Bearings Association“, we are committed to combating counterfeiters through a series of actions:

  • raising awareness of users (industrial manufacturers and distributors) and professional associations of the risk of counterfeiting.
  • training of Customs staff, distributors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to identify counterfeit bearings.
  • constant innovation to develop improved products that are not easy to counterfeit.
  • marketing of NTN EUROPE products via official supply networks and issuing accreditations to endorse their position as reliable suppliers to the market.
  • specific identification (markings, labels which change regularly) in order to make them increasingly difficult to copy.

3 tips to identify a genuine product:

  • always buy through reliable and recognised sources.
  • require an invoice with all the legal information.
  • beware of those "too good to be true" prices that are below market value and have unusual availability.



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Antonin Pastor

"The fight against counterfeiting is, of course, a long-term task, but one that is essential to protect not only our intangible assets but also our customers. "

The fight against counterfeiting involves both proactive and reactive actions to protect the company's intangible assets (patents, trademarks, trade names, domain names, etc.).

In particular, the Legal Department participates in the filing and renewal of trademarks throughout the world, which are the property of NTN. This proactivity also translates into awareness-raising actions with various customs authorities to enable them to effectively identify a counterfeit product.

The Legal Department also plays a role when counterfeiting is suspected in order to bring together the various players (internal experts, external advisors, the authorities concerned, etc.) and to initiate the necessary pre-litigation or litigation actions (registered letter, lawyer's intervention, legal action, etc.).

In this fight against counterfeiting, the Legal Department works in close collaboration with NTN' internal experts, our counterparts at NTN Corporation and with the support of an Intellectual Property consulting firm.


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