NTN-SNR quality commitment

Your safety deserves the bearings that are certified original by NTN-SNR, a premium manufacturer engaged in combating counterfeits.


Counterfeiting presents significant risks to the user.
3 reasons to choose original NTN-SNR bearings:

  • safety: counterfeit bearings jeopardise safety, and therefore the life of products and people.
  • reliability: counterfeit bearings do not have the expected quality level and are likely to fail, degrade your equipment and shorten its service life.
  • availability: counterfeit bearings can cause breakdowns and a loss of production and profitability.

Counterfeiting has a financial impact on premium industrial manufacturers like NTN-SNR, and consequently, investments dedicated to innovation. In addition, counterfeiters sell old technology products.

Buy an original certified NTN-SNR product, and you will also create and maintain fair employment.


Safety is a core value of NTN-SNR.  An active member of the "World Bearings Association“, we are committed to combating counterfeiters through a series of actions:

  • raising awareness of users (industrial manufacturers and distributors) and professional associations of the risk of counterfeiting.
  • training of Customs staff, distributors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to identify counterfeit bearings.
  • constant innovation to develop improved products that are not easy to counterfeit.
  • marketing of NTN-SNR products via official supply networks and issuing accreditations to endorse their position as reliable suppliers to the market.
  • specific identification (markings, labels which change regularly) in order to make them increasingly difficult to copy.

3 tips to identify a genuine product:

  • always buy through reliable and recognised sources.
  • require an invoice with all the legal information.
  • beware of those "too good to be true" prices that are below market value and have unusual availability.



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The finishing process with a lapping tool, often called “superfinishing", allows us to reach values of surface finish (roughness Ra) of less than 10 nanometers (in comparison, a traditional turning process produces a roughness of 1 to 2 µm or 1000 to 2000 nanometers). A good surface finish minimises the level of friction and reduces the torque. In addition, a low value of surface roughness promotes the formation of a film of oil between the working components; this is imperative since it prevents metal-on-metal contact, which is the source of spalling. NTN-SNR has real expertise in superfinishing processes and we have the means with nearly 400 dedicated machines.

Click on the yellow button to fully understand the advantage of superfinishing on the raceway of the rings: you can clearly see the mirror effect when the path is superfinished. This detail is no longer visible when the bearing is mounted. This is why it's critical you pay attention to low-cost products that may seem identical at first glance. 

André MULATIER, Expert in Superfinishing Processes

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