performance through innovation

Mechatronics allows you to offer new functions from your products, which are instrumented, secure, connected and make intelligent diagnostics.


Since the invention in the 1980s of ASB bearings, our first application with this technology,  your systems can take full advantage of the advances of the digital age, thanks to our innovations in mechatronics.

NTN-SNR makes them intelligent and connected by providing:

  • optimised performance
  • new functions
  • operational feedback
  • greater ease-of-use
  • an innovative transmission of information
  • analysis and prediction of failure

Magnetic measurements:

  • we use sensitive and accurate sensors, such as the Hall effect and magneto resistance (AMR and TMR)
  • we design and manufacture your coders to the specific requirements of your system

Integration into systems:

  • we design the electronics for your application
  • we ensure its integration and its resistance to environmental constraints

Connected objects: we provide the signal transmission, in particular through wireless technologies

Diagnostics (commonly known as Condition Monitoring System): we use our mechanical expertise when studying your systems and analysing real-time data


The sensors:

Instrumented guiderails:

We have developed bearings and instrumented guiderails to make your systems intelligent and less bulky, with the integration of sensors.

By-wire actuators: 

With 'by-wire’ actuators, we can ensure electrical movement of equipment by providing mechanical, electrical and electronic designs, as well as by developing the control laws and reliability.

Diagnostic tools:

Diagnostic tools allow us to reduce your maintenance costs through the continuous analysis of the signals from your sensors.


In the automotive sector, electrification and automation are creating new requirements for linear actuators. The precision and efficiency of our ball screws, coupled with precision control and accurate positional measurement, meet these new needs. NTN-SNR deploys its core capabilities in the design of bearings and measurement of position for these new applications. NTN-SNR has become your major automotive partner.

Sylvain TODESCHINI - R&D automotive innovation engineer

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