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Wheel bearings, suspension kits, brake discs for the automotive aftermarket: choose safety and quality from a wide range of parts from NTN and SNR.


Because we know safety should never be compromised, we guarantee:

  • an identical quality to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • a high level of reliability
  • support through our technical support team and our dedicated services

The extent of the range now covers nearly 97% of the European car parc. The expertise of our engineering team and our expertise in original equipment manufacturing gives us the ability to innovate and design products for the future.


Our full range of wheel bearings, in figures

  • Almost 1,300 wheel bearing kits
  • More than 400 loose wheel bearing references
  • Applications for nearly 60 vehicle manufacturers
  • An extensive range covering up to 97% of the European car parc
  • Good coverage of Asian vehicles through our Franco-Japanese dual identity

Focus on wheel bearing kits

  • The kit includes all the components required for the correct assembly: these can vary depending on the vehicle to be equipped, the design of the manufacturer, the bearing itself and the necessary components for assembly (nuts, washers, seals, etc.).
  • Original quality components come from carefully selected partners for guaranteed performance.
  • Your stock management is simplified, because the number of references is limited.

Our FIRST TO MARKET philosophy encourages us to launch new references as soon as possible, as soon as the vehicle is launched on the market. Our range, which is the widest on the market, allows us to respond positively to all your customers’ needs.


Focus on loose wheel bearings

Loose wheel bearings are 100% developed by our design and engineering departments in France and Japan. NTN in Europe is an expert in all wheel bearing technologies and technical evolutions.

With each generation, the wheel bearing incorporates increased functionality, including technical developments. Take for example, the magnetic encoder that allows ABS and ESP to function together with Active Sensor Bearing (ASB®), invented by NTN in Europe (SNR brand).

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Focus on wheel speed sensors

NTN in Europe is the first bearing manufacturer to offer you a complete range of wheel bearing speed sensors, bringing together all the technologies available on the market.
Our range of ASB speed sensors includes nearly 300 references. 65% of these references are active sensors and 35% of them are passive sensors, meaning we are able to cover all of the technologies on the market.  Our range is suitable for over 7,000 vehicular vehicule applications.
If you choose SNR wheel speed sensors, you’re choosing:

  • the inventor of ASB® technology
  • the technical knowledge to expertise in the design and manufacture of ASB® bearings
  • 100% inspection during the production process checks carried out on production lines
  • tests carried out on all products


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Why take a chance with your safety? Opt for our wide range of approximately 30 references and our unrivalled expertise without compromising on quality.

  • SNR brake discs with integrated wheel bearings are original items, identical to original equipment and comply with the manufacturers’ specifications and tested in R&D centres.
  • The disks have been developed with our manufacturing partners of original equipment following the OE validation process. The tightest tolerances are applied for optimum life.
  • NTN in Europe guarantees ease of assembly. The bearing is designed specifically for each application, and our know-how lies in the configuration of the assembly, i.e. control of the internal clearance once the bearing and disc are assembled. 

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With our many cutting-edge innovations, NTN continuously pushes the technical boundaries to offer state-of-the-art suspension and shock absorber solutions. 

The SNR suspension range is one of the most comprehensive on the market with more than 1300 products: shock absorbers, MacPherson suspension kits, top mounts, suspension arm kits and rear suspension kits.

As an integral part of the road holding function, suspension components must not be overlooked. Did you know that a worn suspension can result in 15% more braking distance?

SNR suspension kits guarantee:

  • safety: improved handling and maintaining good braking distances
  • ride: more smooth and precise movement, reduction of shocks and vibrations (up to 25% on bad roads)
  • performance: improved steering
  • cost reduction: at the same time as replacing the shock absorbers, take the opportunity to replace all of the suspension components.  Without taking any extra time during assembly, it guarantees the level of safety and a smoother ride.

We recommend replacing all the suspension components when replacing the shock absorber.

Shock absorbers

SNR 100% gas shock absorbers

With its 800 part numbers, the SNR shock absorber range has just the right solution for more than 80% of motor vehicles registered in Europe. Highly diversified, it includes various types of shock absorbers (conventional shock absorbers, with spring cup, MacPherson strut or cartridge-style) to cover all the needs of the market.

Engineered for rigidity and to prevent leakage, every component is designed to ensure optimal performance.  At the end of the production line, 100% of SNR shock absorbers undergo testing on a bench.

Choosing an SNR shock absorber means: 

  • Multiple applications covered by a single part number
  • Easy utilisation by the garage
  • Enhanced safety, optimum comfort and better road handling for the driver


Learn more about our complete Shock Absorber range     Refer to our detailed webpage

suspension strut and insulator


Optimised front suspension, tried and tested

The front suspension is heavily loaded and exposed. For this reason, its components (suspension strut and insulator) are: 

  • developed and optimised for rigidity and sealing
  • validated and tested for each application
  • proved on NTN in Europe testbeds and manufacturers test vehicles

A suspension strut kit will include all of the elements of the upper part of the suspension (bearing, screws, nuts, insulator).


Rear suspension covering 100% of applications

Suspension arm kits cover 100% of applications using this technology and include all elements necessary for fast and efficient assembly: bearings, seals, nuts, shields, etc. 

Rear suspension kits are composed of a rubber insulator block to reduce vibration. This ensures the effectiveness and safety of the suspension. It is simple to disassemble (does not require specific tools) and to replace, since it is removed at the same time as the shock absorber.


NTN Europe produces more than 30 million strut bearings in France every year. The range comprises more than 500 part numbers, 27 of which are specifically intended for electric vehicles.

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With an annual production level of many million units, NTN in Europe has expertise in all requirements related to the driveshaft: performance, efficiency, vehicle dynamics, weight reduction, vibration, noise etc.

NTN in Europe can draw on its knowledge and expertise to develop a higher level of quality for original equipment and replacement parts.

Ready to use driveshafts

The driveshaft is the link between the gearbox and the wheels of the vehicle. How does it work? It ensures the driveshaft speed is the same at both ends. Regardless of the position or angle imposed by the movement of the suspension.

The drive shaft is composed of 3 sections:

  • a fixed constant-velocity joint on the wheel side
  • a sliding constant velocity joint on the gearbox side
  • between them, a shaft or connecting tube

NTN in Europe driveshafts are ready to fit. Along with rubber boots, circlips and nuts, they are greased and pre-assembled in our factories. This means you get a quality product ready to install.

CVJ Boot kits: all-in-one solutions

This kit is the answer to replace the outboard joint without the need to replace the complete drive shaft.

The SNR CVJ boot kit consists of the outboard constant velocity joint, rubber boot, a tube of grease, as well as the fastening components, all contained within a single box under the one reference number. The CVJ Boot kit offers repairers a quality solution with parts that are identical to the OE products.

Boot kits: for long-lasting protection

The SNR boot kit provides protection for constant velocity joints. This is paramount for the reliability and the service life of the drive shafts.
SNR boots are specifically developed for each application in line with the specifications of the vehicle manufacturers. The quality of the material, design and optimal adjustment ensures the superior quality of the product. SNR boot kits consist of all the components necessary for assembly.

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The chassis department at NTN Europe has brought to the aftermarket one of the most successful ranges in terms of wheel bearings, brake disc kits, suspension kits and CV joints. We are implementing our approach to safety, not just through the quality of our products, but also in relation to our customers and assembly thanks to our technical recommendations.

Carole BERWALD and Jonathan MORENO - Product line manager, Automotive Aftermarket NTN Europe
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