the expertise of an original equipment manufacturer

Benefit from the expertise of NTN Europe, a manufacturer of original equipment and multi-specialist in engines, chassis and gearboxes for your automotive spare parts.

NTN Europe works closely with its customers from the product design with original equipment manufacturers through to the spare parts market.

We can offer you:

  • original quality products
  • the depth of our range
  • our coverage of the vehicle fleet in circulation
  • our custom and turnkey solutions
  • support for our clients on a daily basis and in the field through dedicated commercial and technical teams

Our range of products for the automotive aftermarket revolves around 3 main areas of expertise.


Supply of chassis spare parts from the perspective of safety #saferroadtodrive

  • wheel bearings: sets of wheel bearing kits (bearings and components) and unit bearings
  • disc brakes: range of disc brakes with integrated bearings
  • suspension parts: ranges of suspension buffer kits, unit stops, filtering blocks and suspension arm kits 
  • constant-velocity joints: a range of complete transmissions, sealing kits and bellows kits

The range of chassis spare parts from NTN Europe intended for the automotive aftermarket consists only of original quality parts.

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Supply of engine spare parts from the perspective of performance #intenseroadtodrive

  • distribution: distribution kit ranges, range of tensioners and idlers, distribution kits with water pumps
  • accessories: range of tensioners and idlers, crankshaft pulleys (DAMPERS) as units or in kits, alternators pulleys, accessory kits, belts accessories, air conditioning bearings

The performance related to SNR automotive spare parts allows engines to maintain their original performance. We meet almost all of the needs of the market with a range dedicated to each type of engine.

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Transmission supply in terms of reliability #reliableroadtodrive

  • gearbox bearings
  • clutch release bearings

The environment for gear boxes is very restrictive and will not tolerate any approximations in terms of design or manufacturing.

SNR spare parts offer a level of quality, and therefore reliability, identical to that of the original equipment.

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Supply of services, a global solution #smootherroadtodrive

How can the correct reference be precisely identified? How can errors be avoided when mounting or how can you be sure of the quality of the repairs? We want you to be satisfied so we have developed solutions that are dedicated to supporting customers and sales:


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Amélie Paviet

With the #smootherroadtodrive approach, we aim to bring precise technical or commercial expertise to the right person, at the right time, in the right place. Innovation is not limited to products; it is also relevant to the values in services. 
Today, the smartphone TechScaN’R app is the first tool to push information to the mechanic and help distributors in their daily routines.

Amélie PAVIET - Marketing Director, NTN-SNR Automotive Spare Parts

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