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Long-standing partner of the cycle industry as evidenced by our Alpine hubs, which were developed back in the 70s, we give expression to our passion on the mountain passes and legendary stages of the Tour de France.

For a number of years, we have been supporting the growth of motorization in the cycle sector, which will be a major contributor to soft mobility in the cities of tomorrow. Our team of committed enthusiasts will work with you to meet your technical and sporting challenges!

Moutain bike

We provide you with:

  • A wide range of top-quality bearings, providing unparalleled reliability and durability
  • Tailor-made solutions including mechatronics for special applications
  • Experts working by your side right from the earliest design stages
  • Proven simulation tools to optimize the dimensioning of your motor architectures and meet your performance requirements

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Classic applications
  • Wheel hubs (1): The wheels, the only points of contact with the ground, play an essential role in determining the bike’s performance, its behaviour and its reactivity. The quality of the hub bearings (including those of the one-way clutch) is a key element in ensuring their smooth running.
    Technical requirements: high resistance to water and pollution, ultra low drag torque, light weight, long service life.
    Thin-section deep-groove ball bearings 
  • Headset (2): This is a vital element which contributes to the reliable and precise guidance of the bike. It also supports the stresses at the front wheel and keeps the fork in place.  
    Technical requirements: high resistance to water and pollution, resistance to oscillations and vibrations, high rigidity, low torque, compact design.
    Angular contact ball bearings, single row
  • Bottom bracket (3): This ensures the transmission of power between pedals and frame. Robustness and reliability are the key features.
    Technical requirements: compact design, light weight, low torque, long service life, good sealing.
    Thin-section deep-groove ball bearings 
  • Pedals (4): Technical requirements: high resistance to water and pollution, ultra-compact and lightweight design, low torque.
    Deep-groove ball bearings, needle roller and cage assemblies 
  • Derailleurs and electric shifters (5, 6 & 7): This great technological advance, which has been adopted by the majority of competitors, makes it possible to change gears very quickly, precisely and repeatably.
    Technical requirements: miniature, ultra-lightweight, reliable, high-precision components.
    BEARPHITE™ plain bearings (for front derailleur and electric shifters), BEAREE™ FL3000 washers (for rear derailleur)


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Electric bike




  • Central motor with its axes: crankset, motor, reducer (8)
    Thin-section deep-groove ball bearings, Needle roller and cage assembly, One-way clutch needle roller bearing
Central motor



  • Crankset: cadence measurement, motion detection
    Magnetic sensors
  • Regulation of wheel or central electric motors: position measurement (angle and direction), speed measurement
    Magnetic sensors (contactless) 


Deep-groove ball bearings

Single-row, thin-section, deep-groove ball bearings are used in front and rear wheel hubs, in pedals, cranksets, and electric motors. They are particularly appreciated for their higher load capacity, their compact design, their low noise level and their low torque.
For applications that are exposed to high levels of mud, dust and water jets, they also benefit from an effective sealing device which guarantees them a long service life with no impairment to their smooth running. 


The excellent performance and exceptional reliability of our bearings result from a combination of characteristics adapted to each application: 

  • Wide range of sealing mechanisms, from simple deflectors to high-tech seals offering the best balance between sealing performance and friction torque in the cycle sector
  • Extensive choice of greases, selected for their specific properties: resistant to oxidation, water, very low coefficients of friction, ultra-quiet, efficient over wide temperature ranges or stable at high temperatures, etc.

All of which are enhanced by the intrinsic qualities of design and manufacture:

  • Optimization of internal geometry and contact surfaces
  • High-precision balls and outstanding quality
  • High level of steel cleanliness
  • Precise dimensions and tolerances


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Needle bearings

The other bearings

Needle bearings taking the form of single-row needle roller and cage assemblies are used in e-bike motors. They consist of a single cage without inner or outer ring. The shaft and housing are used as the raceway surface.

The NTN needle roller and cage assembly – lightweight, with an ultra-compact design, strong, with welded, steel cage – is well-known for its ability to withstand high radial loads as well as strong accelerations and high starting torques.
Its optimized design, combined with the high quality of the employed steel, gives it exceptional durability.


The one-way overrunning clutch from NTN transmits the motor torque to the drive system when the rider switches to electric power or, by contrast, disengages the central motor from the drive system when no further assistance is required.
Thin walled, it is composed of an outer ring with a series of ramps on the inner diameter, a plastic cage, individual pressure springs and needles. The quality of the materials and the precision manufacturing process ensure precise engagement.

Reliable, compact, this device transmits high motor torques while guaranteeing a very low one-way clutch friction torque.

Innovations and high quality

NTN-SNR provides advice and constant support at every stage of your development.

  • Outstanding flexibility in the search for the best compromises (tests, assessments)
  • Development of optimized surface treatment solutions
  • Hybrid solutions with ceramic balls
  • Greases offering high performance over wide temperature ranges and with silent-running properties, appropriate for the operating conditions. Including long-life LUBSOLID™ solid grease, made of an oil-saturated polymer material, designed to protect against the entry of contaminants, eliminate leaks, withstand washing activities, oscillation and vibration
  • Composite materials such as BEARPHITE™ sintered metal alloys or BEAREE™ high-tech resins developed for their light weight, compactness, and resistance to wear and harsh environments
  • Robust solutions for precise measurement thanks to our mastery of mechatronic technologies



Electric bikes

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