A broad range of solutions

Choose OEM-quality products covering
the major HGV brands found on European roads


We offer a complete range of HGV parts, designed to address
the demands of professional haulage operators.



Premium quality
Thanks to our demanding OE standards and our status as a manufacturer, our HGV range has earned a reputation on the market for its superior quality.
Broad range of solutions
Our range is intended for use in HGVs, small trucks, utility vehicles, trailers, tractors and buses. Accordingly, it covers a broad spectrum of vehicles with an offering tailored to meet every need.
Complete solution
For wheel hubs, gearboxes or differentials and engine timing systems, our range provides a complete response to the demands of the HGV market.
Extended coverage of motor vehicles
Take advantage of our comprehensive coverage of more than 90% of all registered HGVs, including European, Asian and American models.


The NTN Truck range comprises
part numbers
234 wheel bearings for European vehicles (tapered, for axle or hub with integrated bearing) 
356 gearbox and differential bearings, classified according to European and Asian applications
17 part numbers for the engine timing system, covering a broad spectrum of Asian and European HGV requirements (pulleys, alternator bearings, bearings for electrical and cooling systems)


For all types of vehicles


Utility vehicles


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Wheel hub
FOCUS on the wheel hub with integrated bearing: an innovative solution 

Comprising  32 part numbers, our "Wheel Hub Bearing" range covers 85% of all HGVs on the road today, offering many advantages:
State-of-the-art products, tailored to the independent automotive aftermarket.
Integral design that makes them easy to remove and install in the shortest possible time.
Efficiency and reliability : compliance with OE standards guaranteeing optimal quality.

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The NTN Europe Truck Aftermarket range includes NTN and SNR bearings. Seven out of NTN Group’s 70 factories worldwide manufacture bearings for HGV applications.
Recognised as an original equipment (OE) supplier, the Group collaborates with the major automotive players on the European, Asian and American markets.

We market our products under our three brands: NTN, SNR and BOWER, according to the specific conditions of each market.


NTN Asian gearbox

Specially designed to meet the requirements of Asian vehicles.
American range

Includes wheel bearings and differential bearings that ensure performance and endurance.
Large European

Covers wheel bearings, gearbox bearings and differential bearings, offering a complete solution for European HGVs.

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Romain Petellaz, Responsable de la gamme Poids-Lourds NTN Europe

With more than 600 part numbers available, our goal is to cover all the main European, Asian and American HGV brands by ensuring performance that meets the expectations of professionals. Our strength lies in our diligence and our attention to detail, thereby ensuring that each product, from the wheel bearings to the engine systems, is tested for compliance with the strictest quality and reliability standards.
At NTN, merely following the standards alone is not enough for us. We seek to redefine them, and to guarantee that each product that leaves our manufacturing facilities is synonymous with reliability and long service life.

Romain PETELLAZ - Product line manager, Truck, Automotive Aftermarket NTN Europe

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