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SNR Linear Guides are high-quality precision products. They combine customer-oriented product development and high-quality requirements. They offer the customer a wide product range for various applications in all areas of industry.

  • Dimension according DIN ISO 12090
  • Linear Guides with and without ball chain technology
  • Only one rail for all versions, heights and design types of carriages
  • Diverse sealing and lubrication options
  • Extensive accessories such as rails cover and clamping elements
  • Different coatings as corrosion protection
  • High velocity and acceleration
  • Arrangement of the race ways at a 45° angle with equal load ratings in all main load directions
  • Low friction due to circular arc grooves
  • High assembling tolerance and error compensation capability due to DF configuration of the race ways
  • Undivided rails up to 4 m long as standard
  • Production of jointed rails as endless rails (J rails) with segments in arbitrary arrangement
  • Carriages with ball chains with very high running smoothness and low noise level
  • Compact dimension
  • Profile rails and carriages made of corrosion-resistant material as standard
  • Undivided rails up to 2 m long as standard
  • Compact dimension
  • High rigidity at load moments Mx across the rail direction
  • Profile rails and carriages made of corrosion-resistant material as standard
  • Undivided rails up to 2 m long as standard
  • Hard chrome, black chrome and DURALLOY TDC® coating as corrosion protection
  • Diverse sealing options for optimal adaptation to the requirements of the applications
  • Various high-performance lubricants for special areas of application
  • Various standard lubrication connections for optimal integration into the application
Lgb Accessories
  • Sealing kits for individual adaptation of the carriages to the application conditions
  • Plastic caps, brass caps, cover strips or bellows as rail cover
  • Manual and pneumatic clamping elements

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Ulrich Gimpel

Our ball chain technology is an advantage for the industry. 

  • Separation of rolling elements ensures great smoothness of movement and low noise levels even with fast movements. 
  • Integration of grease pockets means our Linear Guides have a long service life and long maintenance intervals, which greatly reduces service costs.
  • Intelligent re-lubrication on all sides of the carriages ensures maximum flexibility for the end user. 
Ulrich GIMPEL - General Manager Lead Center Linear Motion
Guidage linear