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February 2021 - Markets

NTN-SNR unveils new promotional offers during its “WINTER PRO DAYS”

Buoyed by the success of the previous iterations, world-leading automotive manufacturer NTN-SNR is relaunching its seasonal promotional event. From February 15th to 19th, 2021, during Winter Pro…

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January 2021 - Markets

“A date with the AFTERMARKET” strut bearing special

Having already built up a formidable digital presence over the past several years now in order to maintain regular contact with garage professionals, world leading automotive manufacturer NTN-SNR…

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January 2021 - Corporate

Project “KI-PREDICT”: Increase NTN-SNR linear guides product quality through magneto resistive sensors and artificial intelligence

A new BMBF-funded research project KI-PREDICT has been started with eight companies and research institutes, who want to work together to use different sensor systems and methods of artificial…

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December 2020 - Corporate

NTN-SNR structures its marketing department to boost activity

Faced with an extremely difficult year, the NTN-SNR teams have successfully created positive momentum – a momentum that is reflected on the market by the introduction of new part numbers expanding…

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November 2020 - Markets

NTN-SNR: new generation of eco-friendly and recyclable suspension strut bearings made of aluminum

While other manufacturers use plastic to furnish lightweight, flexible parts, the world leading automotive manufacturer NTN-SNR flips the script and develops a suspension strut bearing with spring…

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October 2020 - Markets

NTN-SNR enlarges its split plummer block range

NTN-SNR thinks big(ger) for its split plummer blocks. Previously designed for diameters ranging from 20 to 160mm, the range of ductile cast iron plummer blocks is now getting wider! It extends to…

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October 2020 - Markets

NTN-SNR continues its exceptional promotional offers with “Autumn Pro Days”

Its “Summer Pro Days” having been met with success, the world leading automotive manufacturer NTN-SNR is relaunching its promotional campaign on its range of brake kits. Called “Autumn Pro Days,”…

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October 2020 - Markets


After publishing a series of videos about its TechScaN’R app, the world leading automotive manufacturer NTN-SNR continues its “Date with the aftermarket” adventure with a spotlight on its CVJ…

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IMG_Pascal Langer
September 2020 - Corporate

Pascal Langer appointed head of international trading groups at NTN-SNR

In light of the new challenges in the aftermarket and of the growing role of international trading groups, NTN-SNR, leading global automotive parts supplier, announces the appointment of Pascal…

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IMG Innovation
September 2020 - Innovation

Innovation as an engine of development

In light of the many trends that affect the industrial world daily, NTN-SNR, global leader in automotive parts, uses its 100 years of know-how to focus on innovation in order to offer products…

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