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We have the key, risk-free ingredient for raising the production bar.

NTN-SNR has masterminded an end-to-end range of solutions for the food-processing industry with an array of certified products to guarantee compliance with the standards governing your particular work environment.

From basic products through to the finished article, we can draw on our expertise to offer solutions that are technically engineered to address each of your constraints. We can deliver bespoke and enhanced solutions to bring sustainability to your production processes while meeting applicable health requirements.


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What will you gain from using the NTN-SNR product range?

Bearings with a longer service life

We extend the service life of bearings even in the most demanding environments by factoring in the constraints and limitations facing industry professionals when developing our products, including humidity levels, temperatures, fine particles, power washing, detergents and elevated production rates.

Ensuring consistently high performance from your machinery

Machine downtime drains any organisation's finances. Using best-fit products will boost equipment performance and raise production levels.

Reduced maintenance costs

Save time by extending and bringing your maintenance intervals under control through constantly high quality. Our bearings feature a rugged design and boast enhanced reliability.


An extensive range of products to protect food quality and maintain production efficiency.
NTN-SNR works alongside the leading food & drink professionals to develop solutions addressing the market's specific needs:

  • Stainless steel ball bearings: this range of deep groove ball bearings is up to 70 times more resistant to corrosion, meaning that it is the ideal solution for areas prone to moisture, saline environments and frequently washed zones.
  • LubSolid®: Food-grade solid grease certified to NSF H1 requirements for lifelong lubrication applications, guaranteed to prevent any contamination of the food chain and featuring a waterproof and pollution-resistant solution. Available for our thermoplastic and stainless steel mounted units inserts.
  • Thermoplastic Mounted units: these bearing units are lubricated with food-grade grease to guarantee a clean production environment. Their design prevents any build-up of dirt. They can be fitted with end caps for extra protection during wash cycles and are compatible with LubSolid® bearing inserts.
  • Stainless steel Mounted units: offer the highest corrosion resistance with their premium quality steel and are capable of withstanding heavier loads than thermoplastic bearing units. They are supplied with elastomer seals and shields to tackle moisture and dirt. They are also lubricated with food-grade grease and are compatible with our LubSolid® bearing inserts.
  • Topline range: ball bearings whose grease, internal clearance and surface treatment are suited to the temperatures typically encountered in ovens, kilns and cold stores.
  • Linear motion: we offer a range of linear modules and ball bushings made from stainless steel. Our modules are specifically designed to prevent dirt from building up and maintain seal integrity across the system, thereby cleanliness of the production chain is always respected. They can be specially engineered to meet the needs of specific applications.
  • Lubrication solutions: cost-effective and easy-to-use lubricants and lubrication systems to raise the performance of your applications and minimise maintenance times.

Check out our complete range for the food-processing industry     Download the BROCHURE 


We have worked closely alongside our customers to pioneer solutions capable of withstanding the extreme conditions found in the food-processing industry.
Increasingly stringent standards require organisations to keep an even closer eye on all the components in the production chain. If you think about frequent power washing with highly aggressive detergents, it is not hard to imagine what the bearing's parts have to endure.
Our difficulty as a manufacturer was to develop a solution that would resist corrosion and feature a waterproof design to prevent the lubricant from washing out, while guaranteeing that nothing would leak out of the bearing into the areas near the food.
Our solutions meet these essential criteria, meaning that they respect the production chain environment.

Mathias Steinmetz - Application Engineer

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