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Benefit from the know-how of a supplier, combined with the technical expertise of a developer in integrated technologies for your automotive bearings.

NTN provides made-to-measure and innovative responses to your most demanding technical needs:

  • constant innovation and improvement of products and procedures
  • reliability and durability: improvement of materials and heat treatment, the fight against pollution and lack of lubrication
  • simplification of assembly processes: optimisation of the means of securing the bearings on your equipment
  • constraints related to a hostile environment: heat treated materials, specific lubricating greases, optimised materials (bearings for engines and accessories)
  • energy performance: reduction of energy expenditure by reducing friction
  • optimisation of overall dimensions and reduction of weight
  • compliance and security

NTN provides you with a custom solution.


Wheel bearings

With an ideal compromise between rigidity, useful life, and environmental performance, our wheel bearings are characterised by:

  • optimisation of internal geometry and sealing
  • the use of steel with a very high level of cleanliness
  • the use of greases specifically developed with our suppliers

Our third generation of wheel bearings integrate hub and flange functions for a streamlined and effective assembly and precise adjustment of the pre-load.

NTN can provide you with robust solutions, whatever your areas of application: passenger vehicles, utilities or heavy goods vehicles.

ASB technology® a NTN patent! Active Sensor Bearing allows the active measurement of the rotary speed of the wheel.



Bearings for hybrid and electric engines

NTN is committed to manufacturers developing vehicles with high energy and environmental performance, such as the Renault Zoé or the BMWi3:

  • electrically isolated bearing
  • high performance level
  • presence of very low friction joints
  • long lasting greases
  • ceramic rolling elements
  • specific surface treatment
  • integration of multiple sensors (speed, temperature, position)

Bearings and rollers for engines and accessories

NTN has good technical mastery in this area:

  • respecting quality and security protocols
  • offering powerful fixtures
  • taking account of constraints related to an application environment: heat treated materials, specific lubricating greases, optimised materials

Gearbox bearings

Our gearbox bearings offer innovative solutions:

  • optimal capacity in an imposed reduced space allowing resistance efforts and maximised longevity
  • high reliability in a harsh environment: pollution control of oils using filter elements and special thermal treatments
  • simplified assembly on the shaft and in the housing
  • high energy efficiency, reducing drag torque and CO2 emissions

Whatever the levels of torques encountered on your transmissions, we can provide a wide range of products to meet all types of applications from passenger vehicles through to heavy goods vehicles.

Clutch release bearings

With 16,500 clutch release bearings made by day, NTN is naturally one of the largest global manufacturers of clutch release bearings:

  • elaborate design
  • demanding manufacturing process (super-finishing and rectification)
  • unique know-how and expertise in sheet metal technology
  • tests on test benches specifically for clutch release bearings
  • continuous optimisation process

Suspension strut bearings

Our strut bearings have been the subject of a technology patent since 2007. They rely on a precise method of measuring spring forces, specific tools for finite element calculations and tests benches. They are characterised by:

  • an improvement in the seal linked to a labyrinth system associated with a mobile seal
  • reduced friction torque compared to standard solutions
  • elimination of swivelling phenomena
  • better rigidity with sheet metal inserts

Constant-Velocity joints

With an annual production of 5 million CV joints and driveshaft assemblies, we equip all types of vehicles, from passenger cars to utility vehicles, including front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

Our permanent areas of development:

  • increase the mechanical potential of our transmission systems
  • improve performance in terms of cost and energy performance
  • improvement of acoustic and vibrational comfort
  • reduce mass
  • facilitate implementation in the vehicle

Composite bearings

NTN can offer you bearings in composite materials for a wide range of automotive applications (wheels, engine, etc.). The weight of the composite bearings and the cost of the function are reduced compared to traditional solutions. NTN is developing this range in collaboration with NTN Corporation.




NTN is also your partner for the development and industrialisation of mechanical or mechatronic modules, such as actuators, modules allowing the transformation of a circular movement into a transverse movement (or vice versa).


Our expertise in the automotive market is complemented by our desire for challenges, rigour and working closely with our customers. Our dynamics proximity emphasises listening and personal advice. Reactive, our experts provide you with ongoing international technical support. From the engineering involved in developing specific products, including services, we are by your side:

  • design: a team at the disposal of customers to recommend the most effective technical solution
  • calculation: calculation and simulation tools have been mainly designed and developed internally. They allow us to guarantee the performance of our bearings compared to your requirements. The last of these, "Sharclab" is a specific tool for rolling dimensioning.
  • laboratory: we work with our suppliers on steels of high cleanliness and the development of still more resistant plastic materials.
  • test bench: a high-performance testing laboratory approves each of our products
  • technical analysis: our technical assistance service is made up of experts and is able to contribute to improving the performance of your equipment by means of production line audits or by product analysis and diagnosis
  • training: customised training to help improve your product knowledge, installation process and maintenance
  • customer support: dedicated sales and technical contacts will support you in every project, from the design phase up to the end of life.

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