SNR Tooling
A range dedicates
to Automotive repair

 Discover our range of SNR tools, the result of a close collaboration with CLAS, an expert in technical equipment solutions.

This range of over 130 references offers specialized solutions for automotive repair, ensuring quality and precision at every stage of your interventions.


Tested and

approved tools



to SNR Products


To facilitate

your interventions


“Our priority is to ensure that the tools offered are designed with technical precision.

Each reference in our range has been meticulously developed and validated to meet the specific requirements of automotive repair. Our tools are the result of in-depth technical expertise to guarantee optimal performance and reliability in all your interventions. The breadth and quality of our tool range are our commitment to you, automotive repair professionals.”

Michel METRAL - Technical Support & Coordinator

The request

Engine timing
and auxiliary

100 tool refrences
for Powertrain products (Timing and auxiliary)

  • 80 for Timing
  • 20 for Auxiliary

A dedicated range of tools for 1.2L PURETECH engines is also available in the catalog.





Chassis and suspension

30 tool references
for Chassis products

  • Wheel bearing and Suspension: covering all vehicle generations
  • CVJ: covering 80% of market needs







The request



The request

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Recognizing that the disassembly and assembly of automotive spare parts require precision, we are committed to providing you with quality tools that meet the most demanding standards. In partnership with CLAS, a renowned expert in the field of technical tools, we have developed a complete range of tools specifically tailored to SNR products. 

Each tool in our range has been rigorously tested and approved by our SNR experts to ensure the precision and reliability required for your interventions.

Whether you need to change a wheel bearing, a CV joint,timing, or other automotive aftermarket parts, we have developed solutions for every stage of your repairs.






Agathe VISSAC - Chef de Produit Services

Le changement d'un roulement de roue, d'une butée de suspension, d'un joint de transmission ou d'un kit de distribution ne s'improvise pas.
Pour garantir des interventions pérennes, nous nous sommes associés à CLAS, expert technique de l'outillage, pour développer cette gamme de plus de 130 références et fournir les outillages adaptés pour les réparations mécaniques les plus courantes sur un très grand nombre de véhicules.

Agathe VISSAC - Chef de Produit Services