NTN is your trusted partner which it comes to research and innovation. You can rely on our R&D centres, our passion, our ability to listen and the expertise of our teams.


Nearly half of our innovations are developed in partnership with our customers.

  1. We continually follow the evolution of our developments. This is how we identify the right connection between new technologies and industrial needs.
  2. We are listening to you. We meet with you and discuss your technical issues. We leave the field open to creative solutions.
  3. Your ideas can take shape and become real. We innovate from conception right through to the production phase.

The NTN Research and Development centre includes:

  • our applied research and development teams work on mechanical, mechatronic, materials and process engineering
  • our exclusive calculation methods (software developed from our own knowledge and finite element simulation models) study the behaviour of complex mechanical systems, thermal behaviour, forging processes, crimping, heat treatment, magnetic field…
  • our independent prototype workshop, our test centre, our laboratories (metallurgy, chemistry, metrology, mechatronics) test new products in real-life conditions

NTN also innovates in collaboration with our partners: technical centres, universities, trade associations, technology hubs and clusters…


NTN R&D in Europe employs 400 people, nearly 50 patents filed, the 28th filed with ’INPI.



Urbanisation, population growth, climate change and the depletion of the Earth's resources has lead to changes in the economic and industrial fabric of society.

NTN is motivated to solve these issues and integrate them into the foundations of its innovation:

  • reduction of CO2 emissions and pollution
  • diversifying and improving urban transport
  • development of self driving cars and car sharing
  • development of electric vehicles and equipment
  • reducing operating costs for industrial operators: wind energy, rail, steel and mines, industrial equipment
  • development of precision agricultural engineering
  • exploitation of new energy sources
  • safety in human-robot environment
  • further improve the already high reliability in aerospace

Learn more by taking a look at our information on: materialsmechatronics and the latest NTN innovations.

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