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Benefit from the expertise of a manufacturer of original equipment, a multi-specialist in timing and engine accessories.

The performance of an engine should not be compromised or suffer any deterioration due to the quality of the surrounding parts.


Our position as an original equipment manufacturer has allowed us to gain the trust of the largest car manufacturers. Our full timing and auxiliary belt range cover nearly 97% of the European fleet.

We guarantee:

  • an identical quality to the manufacturer performance specifications
  • a high level of reliability
  • a first-class performance
  • the ability to innovate and design the products of the future
  • support via our support services and technical communication support

Our timing belt range in figures:

  • more than 600 timing belt kits and timing belt kits with water pump
  • nearly 600 references; mechanical tensioners, hydraulic tensioners, idlers and pulleys
  • applications for nearly 60 vehicle manufacturers

Our wide range covers all needs, including Asian applications and NTN brand products due to our dual European and Japanese identity.

Focus on timing belt kits

  • Nearly 500 kits containing all of the components required for installation, ensuring high quality maintenance
  • More than 150 timing belt kits with water pumps covering the most popular applications, in addition to manufacturer portfolio. The unique references simplify the management of your stock.

Focus on tensioners

Vital for the proper functioning of timing, tensioners can reach very high speeds (several times the engine speed). They are subject to extreme operating conditions. They must therefore be checked and replaced at regular intervals.

NTN-SNR technology brings to the market:

  • idler bearing
  • automatic dynamic tensioners
  • hydraulic tensioners
  • geared idlers

Did you know? NTN-SNR has exclusive rights to manufacture the hydraulic tensioners used by the VW Group.


Our range of auxiliary components is one of the most complete on the market consisting of auxiliary belts, tensioners, auxiliary kits, damper pulleys, damper pulley kits, overrunning alternator pulleys, air conditioner bearings…


Focus on auxiliary belts

The auxiliary belt provides the drive to the auxiliary system components: alternators, power steering pumps, water pumps (dependent on installation), air conditioning compressors….

Therefore, NTN-SNR auxiliary belts are:

  • developed and optimised in terms of length, with tolerances matching those used in original equipment
  • validated for use in each vehicle

Because the auxiliary belts – grooved or trapezoidal – are life limited, we recommend to: 

  • check regularly for wear
  • respect the replacement period as recommended by the manufacturer and/or by NTN-SNR
  • immediately replace any damaged belt

Focus on auxiliary idlers

Auxiliary idlers create the correct tension in the auxiliary belt.  They make it possible to compensate for the variation of the driven elements, as well as compensate for any stretching of the belt due to wear. Choosing good quality tensioning idlers is crucial for your engine.

NTN-SNR technology brings to the market:

  • automatic tensioners: they absorb transient high loads, prevent slippage of the belt, and reduce noise.
  • mechanical tensioners: they absorb movement by means of a tension spring
  • idler pulleys

Focus on auxiliary kits

This is the complete repair solution, which includes the auxiliary belt, tensioners, idler and any other necessary components.

The advantage of the kit?

  • All the necessary components are in one box
  • No identification errors
  • A single reference to order and stock
  • A quality repair

Focus on crankshaft damper pulleys

Crankshaft damper pulleys reduce vibrations due to irregularities from the crankshaft. It provides the best operation of the belt and the other driven elements. A quality pulley ensures a high level of protection for the engine and reduces the risk of any damage.

There are some 200 references for NTN-SNR crankshaft damper pulley kits, which offer:

  • smooth running
  • a high level of dampening and protection of the engine
  • increased service life

Because they are subject to severe operating conditions, we recommend that you make a visual check of damper pulleys every 60,000 km or when changing the timing belts or one of the other auxiliary components.



Focus on crankshaft damper pulley kits

This is the complete replacement solution, which includes a damper pulley and mounting components.

The advantage of the kit? 

  • All the necessary components are in one box 
  • No identification errors
  • A single reference to order and stock
  • A quality repair

Focus on overrunning alternator pulleys (OAP)

The overrunning alternator pulley reduces the variations related to engine deceleration and sharp variations in speed and torque. It drives the alternator during the phases of acceleration of the crankshaft. It also provides protection and extends the service life of the belt and auxiliary systems.

Overrunning alternator pulleys offered by NTN-SNR are designed to:

  • meet the operating conditions of modern engines that are increasingly complex
  • limit the risk of failure of the alternator

As such, we recommend you regularly inspect the operation of the overrunning alternator pulley and replacement during maintenance of the auxiliary system.


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#PERFORMANCEINSIDE comes from the breadth of the offer, the complementary ranges of timing and auxiliary components and the full understanding of the technical requirements. As an original manufacturer, NTN-SNR guarantees the quality of the replacement parts. The group is notably the world leader in hydraulic tensioners as original equipment. Timing systems with NTN-SNR products are deemed more reliable and more efficient to maintain.

Elise WARE - Product Line Manager

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