Cécile Issertes - Gearbox and Industry assembly area Production Manager  

Cécile Issertes

« I joined NTN in 2012. I am a graduate of a hotel management school. For family reasons, I left this branch. I have been lucky enough to be able to do several jobs: saleswoman, manager of a decoration shop, secretary, accountant, joint employee of a snow removal, public works and landscaping company, then leatherworker, company manager, and food processing operator. 
When I arrived in the Annecy area in 2005, I was attracted to the SNR company, but I didn't think I could join. I finally joined the company in 2012 on a temporary assignment as an aeronautical assembly operator at the Argonay site. I was hired in 2013. I became a Skilled Worker after obtaining a CQPM in 2015 and then a Supervisor after passing tests and interviews. 
I started my first position as a supervisor at the Annecy site in 2016. I quickly managed a very large team, with a majority of men. I had to impose myself, which was not always easy but I learned a lot and enjoyed it. 
I then moved on to assembly at the Meythet site, this time with a mainly female team. The management is very different but just as rewarding. 
I discovered the world of industry by chance. People often associate industry with the image of repetitive, noisy and dirty work, but this is not the case. Women have their place in the industry, with the will and desire to evolve and learn. NTN is an open company and facilitates a balance between work and family life. »