Cécile Pichon - Logistics Manager, raw material Supply

Cécile Pichon

« I joined the company in February 2014 as an operator in the grinding/assembly in Seynod. A few years later, I passed a certificate of joint Qualification in Metallurgy as an autonomous team member in the metallurgy sector.
In 2018, I am 25 years old, and I became a supervisor in Seynod. It wasn't easy at first, being young and a woman in this male-dominated environment, you have to prove yourself. 
I learned a lot from my teams and I enjoyed working with them. In 2020, I am taking a two-year professional degree to obtain the Certificate of Joint Qualification in Metallurgy, the Green Belt certification in lean manufacturing and the degree in industrial production management and industrial improvement.
During these studies, I was also a winner of the Women in Industry competition organised by Soroptimist, which highlights the career paths of women in industry.
I have recently become a PDP manager as well as responsible for the supply of strip and the scheduling of rail cages.
I chose to work in the industry, even though the first day I visited the site I didn't particularly like the smell of oil and grinding. 
I had already had experience in the pharmaceutical industry but not in mechanics. I really liked this environment, being able to make parts with my own hands, knowing where they will be mounted on the vehicle and understanding the programming of the machines was very rewarding.
I would advise other women to join the industry: you must not be afraid of prejudice, you must have a bit of character! You have to believe in yourself, be convinced of what you want to do and show that you are capable. You mustn't put any brakes on yourself, the industry is big, there is place for everyone. »