Christelle Nocenti - Technical officer to the Production Manager

Christelle Nocenti

« My story and my journey: at the dawn of my 20th birthday, I left for the USA with my backpack and my best friend. When I came back, without a penny in my pocket, I started at SNR, with the certainty that I would fill up my bank account again and leave. I never left! I started in the workshops and 30 years later I'm still here. Over the years, I have risen through the ranks: Skilled Worker, Quality Controller, Professional Mechanical Manufacturing Worker, Supervisor, Technical officer to the Production Manager on various sites in the Annecy area. I've had a great career, I've learned a lot, both humanly and technically.
For me, the place of women in an industrial environment is evolving with the changing world. The industrial sector is still considered to be one of the most masculine, and women often have difficulty finding their place. They are gradually beginning to make their presence felt in certain branches of industry, but it is still clear that their numbers in positions of responsibility are still low. »