Maria Rodriguez - Skilled worker

Maria Rodriguez

« At the age of 18, I began my professional experience in various companies in the Annecy area. A good dozen years of work as a temporary worker with the acquisition of a certain experience in the industrial environment (a lot of change and a thirst for knowledge). 
In my thirties, I wanted stability. I joined SNR, first as a temporary worker and then with a job offer. I am a grinding/assembly operator on various ranges of bearings.
Today, I do my job at the Meythet site as a Skilled worker. The fact that I can manage my work alone and be independent on my lines is an asset for me, but what I prefer is training and passing on my know-how. 
When I arrived in rectification, I remember having several reflections because men did not see the arrival of women in their environment in a positive light. Today, I am no longer surprised, there are women with responsibilities at NTN. I have also noticed that women are much more demanding in their role as managers than men. »