NTN in Europe is characterised by its objectives for performance, proximity, team spirit, respect and professionalism.

These values are present in the Group's everyday operations, its effectiveness and its identity, with regards to its customers, suppliers and teams throughout the world.

Proximity, support and availability are all in our DNA. 

Customer commitments: being there for our customers, however and whenever they need us.

Technical expertise, quality, assistance and personalised services are all integral parts of NTN's offer, and contributes to our customers' satisfaction. We pursue research and innovation programmes, taking our customers' needs and current global progress into account.

Our commitments cover our entire value chain, including our suppliers.

Human commitments

NTN in Europe readily commits to protecting the men and women who make the company what it is today. Our philosophy aims to provide good health and working conditions, through strict compliance with regulations, effective and tailored processes considering ergonomics and safety, and much more. The Group's approach to development encourages creativity and initiative through teamwork and personal advancement.

NTN in Europe produced the gender pay gap indicators for 2023. The company achieved a score of 89 points out of 100:

  • Gender pay gap indicator: 39 points out of 40
  • Gender pay rise gap indicators: 20 points out of 20
  • Gender promotion gap indicators: 15 points out of 15
  • Indicator relative to the number of female employees who got a pay rise within a year of returning from Maternity Leave: 15 points out of 15
  • Indicator relative to the number of employees of the underrepresented gender amongst the 10 employees who received the highest compensation: 0 points out of 10
  • A total of 89 points out of 100.

In the context of the representation of women among executives and members of management, NTN has a score of 0% for the year 2023. The objective is to reach a score of 30% from 1 March 2026 and then 40% from 1 March 2029.

Environmental commitments

Capitalising on technological breakthroughs and the sharing of a common vision, NTN's facilities develop products and solutions that respect the environment. Our environmental policy and, more widely speaking, our CSR policy both bear witness to the strength of this commitment. 

Quality commitments

All of NTN's entities boast a unanimously renowned and certified quality policy (ISO 9001, 16949, 50001, QS9000, IRIS, etc.). From design to customer services, we do everything in our power to guarantee the quality and improvement of our processes and products. 


NTN was the first bearing manufacturer in the world to be certified ISO 9001.

Valeurs et changements

In sharing these values, we are able to reach our set goals in terms of:


Customer satisfaction is the key to success. It requires continuous commitment with regards to reaching performance objectives and offering bold, innovative actions while meeting difficulties and risks head-on.


Our global presence and permanent support from our local teams mean solid, sustainable professional relations with our customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Team spirit

Another of the company's core keys to success is through our teams succeeding in their common goals. Their solidarity makes it possible to resolve issues and  reach our objectives thanks to the union of our teams' shared skills.


Each and everyone's respect for commitment and compliance with the given regulations allows us to move forward, together. Every employee values, represents and defends the company, thus protecting its technology, its heritage and, most importantly, its people.


Our varied competences and business lines are the founding richness of our company.

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