SNR Shock absorbers 
100% gas range 

Rely on SNR expertise for your shock absorbers!

As Europe’s leading strut bearing supplier, our commitment to excellence is also clearly evident in our SNR 100% gas shock absorber range. We are setting new market standards in terms of performance, safety and comfort.

800 références

Plusieurs applications

80% du parc européen couvert

With nearly 800 part numbers covering more than 80% of motor vehicles registered in Europe, we have developed a tailor-made range specifically designed to meet your needs.

The result of painstaking product design, every shock absorber ensures optimal road performance.

But that’s not all! Our range simplifies your daily operations: it bundles different shock absorber part numbers together, including conventional shock absorbers for light vehicles, those with a spring cup, MacPherson strut and cartridge.

SNR makes your day-to-day operations easier and offers your customers a range of shock absorbers optimised for each vehicle.




Our broad range includes different types of shock absorbers
to meet the specific needs of the market




Conventional (tubular)
shock absorbers

They dissipate heat, thereby ensuring higher performance and greater durability.


Shock absorbers
with a spring cup

They optimise load distribution and enhance stability.



They combine the shock absorber and load-bearing functions to improve force distribution.


shock absorbers

They provide more precise control of suspension movement thanks to their compact design 



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As a leading manufacturer of original equipment and aftermarket components, NTN invests its expertise at the very core of every product. The manufacture of our shock absorbers reflects that ambition and relies on decades of development and on the performance of high-quality suspension parts.



All-terrain expert 

As a testament to our mastery of the entire wheel and suspension corner system, our range provides an unmatched driving experience. A clear advantage when responding to safety, comfort and performance requirements.


Mastering the manufacturing process

This mastery enables us to maintain complete control of our product quality by guaranteeing production that satisfies the demands of automotive professionals.



Experience the excellence of our shock absorbers, which are designed to ensure genuine stability in motion, optimal driving performance with pressurised nitrogen, and effortless handling.
Components that guarantee the comfort and safety of drivers and their passengers


Stability in motion

Shock absorbers are an essential part of a vehicle’s suspension system. That’s why our range has been painstakingly designed, tested and certified to meet the highest demands.

Enhanced driving

Our shock absorbers use pressurised nitrogen to control each movement, thereby ensuring optimal shock absorption. Their effectiveness and their ability to withstand overheating ensure an optimal driving experience.

Positive pressure

Thanks to their internal pressure, SNR shock absorbers provide for effortless handling, simplifying routine operations and offering your customers unsurpassed quality.

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Jonathan Moreno

As rotary motion experts, we are extending our know-how to provide you with a CHASSIS aftermarket offering that meets your needs. Through painstaking design work, we have now perfectly mastered the unique vibration of the shock absorber, reinforced by the use of pressurised nitrogen.
Comprising more than 800 part numbers, our range simplifies your daily routine by bundling various specifications under a single part number. For effectiveness and excellence, choose SNR.

Jonathan MORENO - Product Line Manager, Suspension, NTN Automotive Aftermarket