NTN-SNR pedagogy

Improve the skills of your teams with our training modules dedicated to bearings. Discover the innovative teaching methods developed by NTN-SNR!


5 benefits in training your teams on technical matters, marketing and sales of NTN-SNR bearings:

  • performance: the skills acquired during the training have a positive economic impact for your company through the reduction of your maintenance time, the optimisation of your designs and your stock.
  • efficiency: our active and participant-based teaching methods make our training accessible to all trainees.
  • accessibility: our training is conducted in 7 languages, either on-site or in one of our training centres.
  • adaptability: our courses are tailored to the specific needs of students.
  • certification: we organise an assessment quiz, which leads to a certificate at the end of the training.

Who are our training courses in bearings intended for?

NTN-SNR training modules are designed especially for distributors, buyers, suppliers, maintenance and engineering personnel, as well as students.

What courses are available?

Choose the module that meets your specific needs:

NTN-SNR can also provide training for certain professions:

  • professions in the automotive aftermarket
  • professions in the machine tool sector
  • aerospace jobs
  • other professions (on request)

All our training modules are customisable.


Where are the courses held?

NTN-SNR has 4 training centres in Europe and in Africa, adapted to teaching theory and practice:

We also organise on-site training.

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